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                            Plumbing & Heating

Plumbing and heating emergencies can have a real impact on your home, leaving you without hot water, central heating or a functioning toilet. Contact us and we can send you an emergency plumber right away, who'll be equipped to deal with all plumbing and heating problems however big or small.  

As Roystons have over 50 years experience in the plumbing and heating business we can recommend and install the most efficient and suitable system that your property requires, ensuring it meets the latest building and gas safe regulations. We offer free quotations and work around the customers time frame to minimise inconvenience.


We cover all aspects of servicing and installations for domestic and commercial plumbing consisting of hot and cold pipework, sanitary wear & fittings, hot and cold water softeners  water meter installations and waste and soil pipes.


We install all new 'A' rated condensing boilers but recommend a Baxi or Worcester. We analyse the system and your requirements to see if you require a combi, conventional or system boiler. All these boilers have differenent benefits and using our experience we will advise you on on the most sutible system for your needs. We also install a wireless programmer allowing it to be located anywhere in the house for easy use and not getting hot above a radiator and turning the system off. We then install a programmer near to the boiler allowing the heating and hot water to be run on individual times and increase the sytems efficency.

Hot Water Cylinders

We offer annual servicing to hot water cylinders consisting of a precise service as per each manufacturers instructions and also filling out the service record, which is recommended to be up to date when selling a property. Failing to have your cylinder serviced annually could result in a fault and leave you without any hot water or potential water damage to your property.

Gas Servicing & Landlord Certificates

 As a company and individuals Royston Eng are gas safe registered. This means we can legally install and service gas appliances and issue landlords certificates for rented properties. We offer annual servicing consisting of a full strip and clean and produce a reading of the boilers efficiency as a percentage.

Bathroom Installations

We can help you redesign your existing bathroom into a new layout or just upgrade and replace the current suite. We arrange materials and do the installation so all you have to do is pick from a selection of brochures  We liaise with other tradesmen from tilers, carpenters and electricians to ensure the job is completed at the stages neccesary to save you time and cost.


Solar panels work by converting light into heat, this heat is then pumped to a coil inside your hot water cylinder. Once installed this allows you to warm the majority of your hot water for almost free. Royston Eng can install, commission and service all types of solar systems.

Solid Fuel Boilers

Solid fuel boilers such as the Charnwood shown above can be very effective in your home. As well as heating your hot water cylinder and several radiators, they can give off a huge amount of heat throughout the house. The cold water is stored around the boiler and the heat emitted from the fire simply heats the system. The pump then forces the hot water through the coil on the hot water cylinder and then round to the radiators. Roystons can install all solid fuel boilers, relevant pipework and flue systems, all you need is somewhere to store your fuel and the ability to clean the ash out the fire